I am attempting to upload a file from the browser to a Spring 3.0 MVC application (hosted in Glassfish). The intent is to send the file content through a JSON request.

Attempting to read the file using JavaScript and then placing the file content in a JSON request does not seem advisable as the file content may be large and consume memory on the browser.

Next I attempted using the mootools uploadManager. The documentation and demos deal only with a php server. There is de-coding of the file contents by the php script that handles the upload. So to use mootools uploadManager, I would have to simulate the de-coding (contained in the php script) in my Spring MVC controller. Since this isn't going to be straight forward, I am wondering if there are other elegant solutions to this issue (after reading this and this).

TIA, Vijay


I actually think it would be pretty straight forward to do it in the Spring controller...

  1. simply treat it as any other file upload
  2. then read the file contents and run it through Jackson (or the JSON lib of your choice)

[edit: deleted RestTemplate reference as it requires URI to json, not a file]

  • @nichdos, Thank you for the response. Apparently, XMLHttpRequest cannot send files (from here). So, from what I understand, it skips all <input type="file"../> elements. So got to figure out another way to do this. – Babu Subburathinam Apr 18 '11 at 16:54
  • What about sending the JSON in a POST via AJAX. I know you said it might use up too much memory but the JSON would have to be pretty huge for this to be an issue (> 100 MB of JSON). I think you might be guilty of early optimisation (root of all...), try it and benchmark it before judging :-) – nickdos Apr 19 '11 at 22:43

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