I'm using a custom Theme for Prestashop and after some updates the navigation breadcrumb header on every page is doubled.

Looks easy but I cannot find the place where it's defined. Is it rather the theme code or prestashop itself?


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If your shop is 1.7, the breadcrumb is normally loaded in YourTheme/templates/layout/layout-both-columns.tpl

You should find this code:

{block name='breadcrumb'}
{include file='_partials/breadcrumb.tpl'}

Check that it is not duplicated.



I have found this reference https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/319440-breadcrumb-declaration-in-prestashop-16/

and based on this, completely removed inclusion of breadcrumb.tpl from header.tpl of my custom theme. Now only one appears.

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