There is an expression in my code, as in the code below. I am writing this code in Modelsim and this is a Verilog module. The compiler is giving warning, as in title. I have already searched that on internet but couldn't find any reference to that. Please note that when I remove the keyword 'parameter' this warning goes away. I must keep the keyword parameter, as I want to keep this as constant.

parameter reg  [4:0]REG_MIN = 5'b00000;   // Address of Minimum register <br/>
parameter reg  [4:0]REG_MAX = 5'b10110;  // Address of Maximum register 
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    Get rid of reg. – toolic Jun 13 at 15:11
  • @iBug: why should he get rid of [4:0]? – Qiu Jun 14 at 5:41
  • @Qiu because I was stupid and you're right – iBug Jun 14 at 6:23

Verilog does not allow specification of data types of parameters, but SystemVerilog does. Make sure your file has a *.sv file extension. Otherwise, parameters assume the type from the RHS.


Actually wanted to add little on the background of this problem. The source code is intended for Chip design(digital ASIC). The Issue is, we must use just one licence for Synthesis, either Verilog or Systemverilog. I knew, that its ok to keep this statement in the code, as the compiler was not complaining, just a warning, but this warning will be converted into an error while synthesizing. So better safe than sorry.

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