I'm making a macro to paste specific ranges from excel workbooks to powerpoint, and i want to allow the user to be able to have control over the positioning and the scale of the image. I've wrote a code that includes 14 variables for the slides per workbook, and I'm trying to get a for loop to run so it works quicker/and code is smoother.

As shown below,my variables (starting just at 1) i'm repeating over and over until I get to 14. Is there a way to run a for loop, so i can allow for just this block of code below without pasting it 14 times?

'---------- Page ----------
If Switch1 = "Yes" Then
  MySlideArray = Array(Page1)
'Period-Specific SnapShot
'List of PPT Slides to Paste to
'List of Excel Ranges to Copy from
    MyRangeArray = Array(Worksheets(MS1).Range(Rng1))

'Loop through Array data
  For x = LBound(MySlideArray) To UBound(MySlideArray)
    'Copy Excel Range

    'Paste to PowerPoint and position
      On Error Resume Next
        Set shp = myPresentation.Slides(MySlideArray(x)).Shapes.PasteSpecial(DataType:=2) 'Excel 2007-2010
        Set shp = PowerPointApp.ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange 'Excel 2013
      On Error GoTo 0

    'Custom sizing
      With myPresentation.PageSetup
        PowerPointApp.ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange.LockAspectRatio = False
        shp.Width = w1 * 72
        shp.Height = h1 * 72
        'shp.Width = 159
        'shp.Height = 248

 'switch for USER to allow customer positioning or default center image in ppt
            If stc1 = "Yes" Then

                shp.Left = (.SlideWidth \ 2) - (shp.Width \ 2)
                shp.Top = (.SlideHeight \ 2) - (shp.Height \ 2)


                shp.Left = Hz1 * 72
                shp.Top = Vr1 * 72

            End If

        End With

  Next x

End If

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