We are trying to convert from a local space incremental rotation in Euler (X,Y,Z) = Pitch Yaw Roll to an absolute world space rotation Quaternion.

We are doing this by converting each incremental rotation to a quaternion and accumulating (through multiplication) Quaternion rotations to give a world space quaternion.

However our result rotations show the object rotating around world space axes rather than local object axes.

I am following this pseudocode loop and c++, and have built the same in Unity3D (which works correctly since the Quaternion operations are aready provided).

Does anyone have any pointers as to what is going wrong here?

Quaternion qacc;
Quaternion q1;

    quacc = quacc * q1.degreeToQuaternion(xRot, yRot, zRot);


void Quaternion::degreeToQuaternion( double yaw, double pitch, double roll) // yaw (Z), pitch (Y), roll (X)
    yaw = yaw * M_PI / 180.;
    pitch = pitch * M_PI / 180.;
    roll = roll * M_PI / 180.;

    radianToQuaternion(yaw, pitch, roll);

void Quaternion::radianToQuaternion( double yaw, double pitch, double roll) // yaw (Z), pitch (Y), roll (X)
    double cy = cos(yaw * 0.5);
    double sy = sin(yaw * 0.5);
    double cp = cos(pitch * 0.5);
    double sp = sin(pitch * 0.5);
    double cr = cos(roll * 0.5);
    double sr = sin(roll * 0.5);

    this->w = cy * cp * cr + sy * sp * sr;
    this->x = cy * cp * sr - sy * sp * cr;
    this->y = sy * cp * sr + cy * sp * cr;
    this->z = sy * cp * cr - cy * sp * sr;

Quaternion operator * (Quaternion q0, Quaternion q1)
    Quaternion q2;
    double mag;

    q2.w = q0.w * q1.w - q0.x * q1.x - q0.y * q1.y - q0.z * q1.z;
    q2.x = q0.w * q1.x + q0.x * q1.w + q0.y * q1.z - q0.z * q1.y;
    q2.y = q0.w * q1.y - q0.x * q1.z + q0.y * q1.w + q0.z * q1.x;
    q2.z = q0.w * q1.z + q0.x * q1.y - q0.y * q1.x + q0.z * q1.w;

    mag = sqrt (q2.w * q2.w + q2.x * q2.x + q2.y * q2.y + q2.z * q2.z);

    q2.w /= mag;
    q2.x /= mag;
    q2.y /= mag;
    q2.z /= mag;

    return q2;
  • What's going right? When writing tricky mathematical code make sure you have unit tests. Don't just expect this will work. A typo where sr is actually cr could ruin your day. – tadman Jun 13 at 21:02
  • 1
    People haven't truly grasped yet that world peace can be achieved if we all universally adopt Quaternions and get rid of Euler angles from all software and literature. – cplusplusrat Jun 13 at 21:04
  • On a more serious note, what is the source of the incremental euler angles? This tells me that you have some numerical integration going on with euler angle and their derivatives as the state vector. Is this correct? The best way to handle this situation is to just go with quaternions aand their derivatives as the state vector. There is a close form equation to convert 3D angular velocity into derivatives of quaternions which you should be able to look up from any standard texts. – cplusplusrat Jun 13 at 21:10
  • You should use Euler angles for keyframes only and for UI exclusively. In runtime you should work with quaternions calculation intermediate frames using slerp – Michael Nastenko Jun 13 at 23:04
  • After some testing with the Eigen library to replace my code, it seems that Unity and my code using different coordinate systems is the problem, and that swapping x, and y components and inverting z give appropriate Unity Quaternions. I'll test further. The close form equation to convert 3D angular velocity into derivatives sounds like it will be useful in the future though! @cplusplusrat – davient Jun 14 at 11:37

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