I know that GWT has a good RPC support. But for various purposes I need to build this on my own:

1.) How can I convert a Bean Object (on the Client Side) like;

class MyPerson {

String name;
String getName();
void setName(String name);

with GWT into a JSON String? (Ideally only using libraries that come officially from GWT/Google).

2.) Secondly, how can I send this generated JSON String from the Client side to any Server also using any GWT Client Logik. (Ideally only using libraries that come officially from GWT/Google).

I have searched a lot, but the examples never show how to send data but only to receive JSON data.

Thank you very much!!! Jens


There's a nifty class called AutoBeanFactory that GWT will create for you, no third-party libs required. See http://google-web-toolkit.googlecode.com/svn-history/r9219/javadoc/2.1/com/google/gwt/editor/client/AutoBeanFactory.html

Once you have your AutoBeanFactory, you can use it like this:

producing JSON from an object of type SimpleInterface

AutoBean<SimpleInterface> bean = beanFactory.create(SimpleInterface.class, simpleInterfaceInstance);
String requestData = AutoBeanCodex.encode(bean).getPayload();


parsing JSON from an object of type SimpleInterface

SimpleInterface simpleInterfaceInstance = AutoBeanCodex.decode(beanFactory, SimpleInterface.class, responseText).as();

You can use RequestBuilder to send these requests without GWT-RPC or the RF stuff.

  • and dont forget to inherit the module: <inherits name="com.google.web.bindery.autobean.AutoBean"/>
    – AAP
    Feb 19 at 12:54
  • How do you get an instance of beanFactory?
    – user435421
    May 10 at 9:12

I recommend you use RestyGWT it makes JSON rest services work just like GWT RPC services.


Take a look at GWT's AutoBean framework, which can be used to create and receive JSON payloads. The RequestBuilder type can be used to send HTTP requests to the server.


You have also another solution which is 3rd party solution, maybe a second place solution but it can be also the first place. The 3rd party called GSON and it's a project open source on google code. You can find it here.

I used it and it's very good and very simple.

  • 2
    GSON cannot be used on GWT client side because it uses reflection.
    – funkybro
    Jan 4 '13 at 10:24

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