I'm using WSO2 EI 6.5.0 (latest release),

I'm wondering that Where can i find WSO2 database schema, stores all of things,

Those log files, written on Management console is saved in Database right ? I am using Oracle DB (PL\SQL)..

I found oracle.sql from dbscripts folder - %E_HOME%,

How to connect WSO2's default database in PLSQL ?



By default wsoesb use h2 database. You can overwrite default database using oracle. There is documentation how to configure datasource, and there is, i am not sure something like carbon.xml where configure default datasource.


No, the logs are persisted in the files in ESB_HOME/repository/logs folder.

As @srimar mentioned, the default database is embedded H2. You can follow this doc to browse the embedded H2. But WSO2 didn't recommend the embedded H2 database in the production

To configure the Oracle database you can follow this doc

  • Thanks i set default database to oracle So Then Log files are not saved in Database ? – xxcapitan Jun 17 at 1:55

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