I found lot of threads regarding this but not sure if they are still valid at this point of time i.e. Jun 2019

This link which was updated on Jul 2017 says You must use Azure AD Graph API'to manage users in Azure AD B2C directory

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But at the same time this link says As of February 2019, we started the process to deprecate some earlier versions of Azure Active Directory Graph API in favor of the Microsoft Graph API.

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I found this link which has road map for AAD Graph and Micorsoft Graph. But still not clear weather we should use Microsoft Graph or Azure AD Graph for B2C tenant. I couldn't find any example how to fetch User attributes using Microsoft Graph


Should I still keep on using 'Azure AD Graph'if I am dealing with B2C tenant?


You must use Azure AD Graph API to manage users in an Azure AD B2C tenant since Microsoft Graph doesn't support a few of the user properties (including the creationType property) that are used by Azure AD B2C.

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