I just started to use gtk3, and I overwhelmed. I want to draw a pixel rendering (a function graph, drawn in realtime) in a window. I was able to create a window, following some examples, but I can't find information on pixel drawing. I need keywords to google (is it called 'canvas'? Pixel map? Drawing area?), and some advises on how to do it right. Should I keep a separate buffer and do copy every time I need to update window? Or can I just draw into existing gtk object?

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    process-viewer uses gtk-rs and draws real time graphs, maybe you can use its code as guideline – Finomnis Jun 14 '19 at 9:21
  • Process-viewer looks like a very interesting example. I'll dig into it.Thank you. – George Shuklin Jun 15 '19 at 18:06

For the examples you can generally check the documentation page of the crate itself. There are examples shown in crate documentation.

You can check the documentation of the crate from here.

You can draw your shapes on to the drawing area which is shown as example here on the documentation itself

As far as I have seen, it is pretty much ported with same function and struct names for GTK 3.0.

I need keywords to Google

You can basically google for the GTK library itself and the examples to get the insight about GTK and the easily implement with the help of documentation.

Getting started with GTK 3.0

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    Thank you for link. I was their, unfortunately, all examples I found was centered around GUI itself (buttons, widgets), etc. There was no examples of a canvas-style 2D drawing, I start thinking I just don't know how this 'thing' is called at GTK (So, here is my question). – George Shuklin Jun 15 '19 at 17:57

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