I have a button which redirects to a post creation page, but for some reason it only functions once. afterwards I have to refresh the page in order for it to work again.

Running Angular2 and I believe I've tried the whole thing with relative paths..

  selectCreateData() {
    if (this.myView.link) {
      this.router.navigate([this.myView.link, 'create']);
    } else {
      this.createDataValue = {};
<button (click)="selectCreateData()">Create new Post</button>

No errors in the console, logging this.myView.link returns the whole path after localhost. example: /7f45c1b1-b0c4-4f2d-96fd-a786889fbae2/projects/2723ec7d-3d2b-41f3-b332-b2e384a8e03a/process/

  • Angular will not navigate if you are already on the exact target url. – Silvermind Jun 14 at 9:30
  • But I'm not, once I create a post I'm redirected again to that page which has the button. in other words, whenever I'm clicking the button, I wanna be redirected to the page I'm in + '/create' – boloao Jun 14 at 9:32
  • never mind i miss-read – Shannon Jun 14 at 9:44
  • Can you please post the route configuration and also what is this.myView? can you please update some more code on this – Vikash Jun 14 at 10:17
  • @boloao Does your page actually navigate to another url before you are redirected back to the page you're on? HttpClient posts in between don't count. – Silvermind Jun 14 at 10:53

In order to route to the "same" route again you'll want to use a combination of onSameUrlNavigation and subscribing to Router Events.

Step 1

onSameUrlNavigation Define what the router should do if it receives a navigation request to the current URL. (see https://angular.io/api/router/Router#properties)

You'll apply this using the ExtraOptions parameter for your .forRoot([routes], { onSameUrlNavigation: 'reload' }

Step 2

Listen for NavigationEnd in your component class(es):

export class Test1Component {

    public constructor(private router: Router) {

        this.router.events.subscribe((evt) => {

            if (evt instanceof NavigationEnd) {

                console.log(`${ new Date().toString() }: test1 component routed to`);






See https://github.com/mateothegreat/ng-byexamples-routing-same for a complete working example.

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