A http request is made and in the onload function I would like to update a loader view that is being shown via a global controller.

Global Popup controller:

Alloy.Globals.wait = Alloy.createController('wait');

Then in the wait controller there is the method to update the loading bar percentage and also the a label that displays the percentage

$.setLoadingBar = function (l) {
    console.log("PERCENTAGE", l)

It works nicely around the app except in the onload of the httpClient. The console.log in the method does print though!!! How is that possible? How can the view not be addressed ? Is the reference somehow lost in the onload ?

The httpClient is located in the extendCollection of a model. It updates the collection It creates models from the received items (can be up to 2000) and resets the collection.


Thanx for helping !

  • are you sure that the view you are seeing is the one that is called by the setLoadingBar() function? That might be the case that you create multiple wait controllers and that is why you see the log but not the updated UI. Things I would try: create a global function like Alloy.Globals.someGlobalFunction = function(val){ setLoadingBar(val)}; inside the controller. Use Backbone events to trigger a percentage change and listen to it in the controller: devblog.axway.com/mobile-apps/… . Use a widget instead of a global controller. – miga Jun 14 at 19:39

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