i am trying to set up a new menu for my prestashop website but i am new on this platform and i'm not a web developer, i want to add images as category thumbnail. Like this website menu https://www.imballaggi-2000.com/

i have already tried to look into other forums but i didn't found anything i tried to search for some youtube videos but they doesn't meet my requirements is there anybody that have already done this things?.


The easiest way is next. You need to modify your menu template file. Go to store_root_path/themes/your_theme/modules/ps_mainmenu/ps_mainmenu.tpl and add this in the beginning of a link

{if $depth == 0 && $node.image_urls}
    <img src="{$node.image_urls[0]}" alt="{$node.label}" />

before condition {if $node.children|count}. This is it. Then in your admin panel just assign Menu thumbnails images to all categories you need. Be aware that you can add more than one image but the first one will be displayed. Also, I presume that images should be displayed only on the first level if I am wrong just remove $depth variable from the condition. P.S. I described the approach for Prestashop 1.7* if you use Prestashop 1.6 the method may not work.

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