I am trying to lookup and match two data frame (df1 & df2) by matching a column (val) on each data frame, the first data frame column contains text value but on the second data frame (df2) column contains multiple text values separated by comma, here is the view of the data frames

df1 <- as.data.frame(val)
id =c(1,2,3,4,5)
df2 <- as.data.frame(val,id)

if the value of df1 is found in df2 then I need the id on the new column in df1


See whether the below code helps.

df2 = df2 %>% 
  mutate(val=str_split(val, ",", n=Inf)) %>% 

df1 = df1 %>% 
  left_join(df2, by="val")

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