I'm working on integrating my existing app with the Graph API. Using the Outlook APIs we were able to create "calendar webhooks" and "calendar event webhooks". According to the docs, calendar events webhooks are Subscriptions with the resource_type me/events. Is there any modifier to scope down to a Calendar ID? Additionally, is there any way to subscribe to calendars being added or removed?

I've tried me/events/{id}, me/events, /me/calendars/{id}/events, and /me/calendars/{id} to no avail

API_BASE = 'https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0'

def api_url(fmt, *args, **kwargs):
    """Helper for generating API URLs"""
    return API_BASE + fmt.format(*args, **kwargs)

def _create_push_subscription(self, callback_url):
    """Create a push subscription"""

    expiration = now() + timedelta(days=2)

    # Initialize some parameters
    data = {
        'resource': '/me/calendars/{}/events'.format(calendar_id),
        'subscriptionExpirationDateTime': str(expiration.isoformat()).replace('+00:00', 'Z'),
        'changeType': 'created,deleted,updated',
        'notificationURL': callback_url,

    # Create the subscription
    resp = self.session.post(api_url('/subscriptions'), json=data)

    # Return the channel ID and expiration date
    return parse_datetime(resp['subscriptionExpirationDateTime'])

The only responses I've gotten are 503 (Gateway timeouts) and

400 Client Error: Bad Request for url: https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/subscriptions

According to the documentation, you can only subscribe to /me/events:

The following are valid values for the resource property of the subscription:

  • Mail: me/mailfolders('inbox')/messages me/messages
  • Contacts: me/contacts
  • Calendars: me/events
  • Users: users
  • Groups: groups
  • Conversations: groups('*{id}*')/conversations
  • Drives: me/drive/root
  • Security alert: security/alerts?$filter=status eq ‘New’

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