I'm currently using Powershell, and i'm trying to sort data in my variable that i'm pulling from another system. At the moment i'm trying to use one -and statement and -or statements after an -eq sign. So I was wondering what's the correct way I need to make the syntax in my where statement.

$DLPList | Select Node.NodeName, Properties.OSType, PropsView.version, Node.NodeTextPath2 | where PropsView.version -ne '1.4.706.172' -and (Properties.OSType -eq $win7 -or $win8 -or $win81 -or $win10)

I know there's multiple other stuff on this, but everything i've tried so far doesn't work. Thanks for the help.

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    does your Select-Object section work? i have never seen Property.SubProp used before. for the -or stuff ... you CANNOT combine them like that. you could likely use $Thing -in @($OneThing, $TwoThing, $ThreeThing). – Lee_Dailey Jun 14 at 21:20
  • FWIW, it seems @trevor-lines answered his question here: stackoverflow.com/a/56634283/182742 – iokevins Jun 17 at 22:08

Yes, you have to use the script block version of where-object. Also note that -and and -or have EQUAL PRECEDENCE in powershell, which is very unusual in a language.


Alright, what I figured out for this is that you cannot just add use -or. Instead you must do Properties.ostype for each one. Here is the code that I came up with to get it to work. Also a little tip is to do Where-Object before Select-Object to save computing power.

$DLPList = $list1 | Where-Object{ $_.'UDLP.prodversion' -lt '9.5.704.112' -and ($_.'Properties.OSType' -ne 'Windows XP') -and ($_.'EPOComputerProperties.OSType' -ne 'Windows Vista') -and ($_.'EPOComputerProperties.OSType' -ne 'Windows 2003') -and ($_.'Properties.OSType' -ne 'Windows 2003 R2') -and ($_.'EPOComputerProperties.OSType' -ne 'Windows 2008') -and ($_.'Properties.OSType' -ne 'Windows 2008 R2') -and ($_.'Properties.OSType' -ne 'Windows Server 2012' -and ($_.'Properties.OSType' -ne 'Windows Server 2012 R2') -and ($_.'Properties.OSType' -ne 'Windows Server 2016')) } | Select-Object Node.NodeName, Properties.OSType, UDLP.productversion, Node.NodeText | Sort-Object -Property Node.NodeText -Descending

Try adding brackets and replacing the chained boolean operators with a regular expression "-match" operator condition:

$DLPList | Select Node.NodeName, Properties.OSType, PropsView.version, Node.NodeTextPath2 | where { $_.'PropsView.version' -ne '1.4.706.172' -and ($_.'Properties.OSType' -match "($win7|$win8|$win81|$win10)") }

Here's sample code that works for me:

$DLPList = @(2, 4, 6, 7)
$DLPList | where { ($_ -ne 7) -and ($_ -lt 10) -and ($_ -gt 0) }

$DLPList | where { ($_ -ne 7) -and ($_ -match "(4|5|11)" -and ($_ -gt 0)) }
  • that 2nd line is wrong. [sigh ...] it will give you 2,4,6 ... and both 2 & 6 aint correct results. the reason is that the 2nd part does $_ -eq 4 and then compares the boolean from that with -or 5. ///// you are NOT doing what you seem to think you are doing. [grin] – Lee_Dailey Jun 14 at 23:22
  • @Lee_Dailey Of course, you are right; thank you. I've updated the answer to use the regular expression "-match" operator. – iokevins Jun 17 at 20:36
  • kool! glad to see it fixed & working ... [grin] that is a classic error with chaining logical operators - i've done it more than once! – Lee_Dailey Jun 17 at 20:49
  • Wouldn't that be $_.PropsView.version and $_.Properties.OSType? – js2010 Jun 17 at 21:43
  • @js2010 Thank you; answer updated – iokevins Jun 17 at 22:08

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