Is it possible to achieve something like this via a VSTO PowerPoint addin:

  • User presses Ctrl+P to print a PowerPoint presentation
  • Print dialog shows up
  • And somehow, preselect 'CustomRange' from printing settings and prepopulate the slides text box with specific slides, e.g 1,3,5,15

Basically, to have this whenever a user wants to print a document:

enter image description here


You are looking for Presentation.PrintOptions.

For example:

var printOptions = Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.ActivePresentation.PrintOptions;

// Set print range type to slides and add some ranges
printOptions.RangeType = PpPrintRangeType.ppPrintSlideRange;
printOptions.Ranges.Add(1, 1);
printOptions.Ranges.Add(3, 5);

Small example on Github

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