for a school project, I need to do a cross-platform application in c++ working on Linux and windows. The program need to use a CMake to build the executable. My program is using include "X11/XLib.h" so I have some problem when I try to generate the CMake with visual studio on Linux : 'X11/XLib.h' : No such file or directory

After some research, I have installed cygwin with X11 library, but I don't know how to implement it with CMake. find_package(X11 REQUIRED)is not working. Same with an X11.dll find on internet.

Where I use the XLib :

#include "Game.hpp"

int main(void)
    indie::Game game;

    return 0;

The Game.hpp include

** OOP_indie_studio_2018
** File description:
** GameRunner.hpp


#include <thread>
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include "GameEngine/GameEngine.hpp"
#include "Logic/Logic.hpp"
#include "Errors/ErrIrrInit.hpp"

I am not even sure that what I try to do is possible. I have a folder at C:\cygwin64\usr\x86_64-w64-mingw32\sys-root\mingw\include\X11\ containing the XLib.h but i probably miss the link with the CMake.


I think you can just put a if __linux__ before your include and an #endif after. So that the file will not be included on Windows.

  • But without include I can't use the XInitThreads(), I think I need use it to start the program... – incubus Jun 15 at 15:31

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