I use Squarespace as my CMS. I'd like to know if there's a way to have the actual .JS file load itself asynchronously to ultimately reduce the site load time.

For those who don't know, Squarespace gives very limited access to backend content and files. So I'd like to know if there are any alternatives to reduce render-blocking resources.

The file is located in [websitename]/scripts/site-bundle.js found through SFTP.

EDIT: Here's the full code https://codepen.io/anon/pen/MMKZyQ, as you can see I can't find any script tags to insert the defer or async values.

!function(e){function t(o){if(n[o])return n[o].exports;var r=n[o]={exports:{},id:o,loaded:!1};return e[o].call(r.exports,r,r.exports,t),r.loaded=!0,r.exports}var n={};return t.m=e,t.c=n,t.p="",t(0)}([function(e,t,n){e.exports=n(1)},function(e,t,n){"use strict";function o(e){return e&&e.__esModule?e:{default:e}}n(2);var r=n(6),i=o(r),a=n(60),u=n(65),c=o(u),l=n(85),s=o(l);n(86);var d=n(87),f=o(d),p=n(100),h=o(p),v=n(101),y=o(v),m=n(104),A=o(m),g=n(121),b=o(g),w=n(189),_=o(w),x=n(190),E=o(x),k=n(191),S=o(k),T=n(192),L=o(T),O=n(193),M=o(O),P=n(194),j=o(P),C=n(195),R=o(C),I=n(103),F=o(I),V=n(196),N=o(V),D=n(199),B=o(D),G=n(200),U=o(G),H=n(207),z=o(H);i.default.register("AncillaryLayout",f.default),i.default.register("FooterBreakpoints",h.default),i.default.register("HashManager",y.default),i.default.register("IndexFirstSectionHeight",A.default),i.default.register("IndexGallery",b.default),i.default.register("IndexGalleryVideo",_.default),i.default.register("IndexNavigation",E.default),i.default.register("HeaderNavFolderTouch",S.default),i.default.register("HeaderOverlay",L.default),i.default.register("MobileClassname",M.default),i.default.register("MobileOverlayFolders",j.default),i.default.register("MobileOffset",R.default),i.default.register("MobileOverlayToggle",F.default),i.default.register("Parallax",N.default),i.default.register("ScrollIndicator",B.default),i.default.register("SiteLoader",U.default),i.default.register("UserAccountLink",z.default),i.default.register("VideoBackground",function(e){return(0,c.default)(e,function(e){var t=e.handleResize,n=e.handleTweak;(0,s.default)(t,105),a.Tweak.watch("tweak-overlay-parallax-enabled",n)})}),window.addEventListener("controller:refresh",i.default.refresh)},function(e,t,n){n(3).polyfill()},function(e,t,n){(function(t){for(var o=n(4),r="undefined"==typeof window?t:window,i=["moz","webkit"],a="AnimationFrame",u=r["request"+a],c=r["cancel"+a]||r["cancelRequest"+a],l=0;!u&&l<i.length;l++)u=r[i[l]+"Request"+a],c=r[i[l]+"Cancel"+a]||r[i[l]+"CancelRequest"+a];if(!u||!c){var s=0,d=0,f=[],p=1e3/60;u=function(e){if(0===f.length){var t=o(),n=Math.max(0,p-(t-s));s=n+t,setTimeout(function(){var e=f.slice(0);f.length=0;for(var t=0;t<e.length;t++)if(!e[t].cancelled)try{e[t].callback(s)}catch(e){setTimeout(function(){throw e},0)}},Math.round(n))}return f.push({handle:++d,callback:e,cancelled:!1}),d},c=function(e){for(var t=0;t<f.length;t++)f[t].handle===e&&(f[t].cancelled=!0)}}e.exports=function(e){return u.call(r,e)},e.exports.cancel=function()
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    what would be the improvement? It has to have already been loaded by the browser for it to then be able to instruct the browser to (re)download itself. Alternatively, if you just mean "is there a way for the browser to asynchronously load a JS resource" then sure, the async script element attribute has been available for quite a while now. – Mike 'Pomax' Kamermans Jun 15 at 17:51
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    also, this is what you give up by using squarspace: you get the convenience of "looks good, easy to make content", and you trade in the power to screw everything up because you had a cool idea that doesn't mesh with how squarespace organises and hosts code and files. That's why they charge you money: if you really want to customize, just pay for the business/commercial plan and you can work with actual html code. – Mike 'Pomax' Kamermans Jun 15 at 17:56
  • Will edit the post, yes I'm referring to the browser, how could I add the async attribute to the series of JS functions? – Christopher Karam Jun 15 at 17:56
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    From what I can see on squarespace, by paying them for the option to work with HTML code, and adding in <script src="..." async> yourself. There are some ridiculous things you could do to get around paying, but they'd pretty much guarantee a website that's an even worse loading experience than just being a slow initial load. – Mike 'Pomax' Kamermans Jun 15 at 17:59
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    I was just reading about that because I had no idea those plans gave you the ability to work with the HTML code. I'll most likely be going down that route as the money isn't the issue, I'm strictly looking to maximize performance. And thank you. – Christopher Karam Jun 15 at 18:03

This can be accomplished for the Brine/Wright family of templates by doing the following:

  1. Enable Developer Mode (Settings > Advanced > Developer Mode)
  2. Using SFTP or Git, obtain access to the template files.
  3. Within site.region file, change:

    <squarespace:script src="site-bundle.js" combo="false" />


    <squarespace:script src="site-bundle.js" combo="false" async="true"/>

  4. Use SFTP or Git to update your template files on Squarespace's servers.

You may also use <script src="/scripts/site-bundle.js" async></script> instead of using Squarespace's script loader. Simply replace the aforementioned line in step 3.

As an aside, the unbundled code can be found in Squarespace's Wright GitHub repository.

For other templates not in the Brine/Wright family, similar steps may apply, though file names may differ.

  • That did the trick. The bundle started loading much earlier. Thanks! – Christopher Karam Jun 23 at 0:40

There are two properties on a script tag to do exactly what you want to do:

  • specifying defer will defer the loading of the script until the page has been fully parsed (and rendered)
  • specifying async will indicate to the browser that this script can be loaded asynchronously at any point of its choosing.

Those two properties are both well supported (defer, async) and as such, you can and should make use of them to achieve this.

  • Hi Sebastien, I updated the post to include the code. I have no access to the script tags that call on the backend JS files. And the code in the file doesn't use them either. – Christopher Karam Jun 15 at 17:51
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    Can you put the non-minified version of that? And elaborate further. Is your JS loading additional scripts, or are you trying to load that code blob? – Sébastien Renauld Jun 15 at 17:55
  • Unfortunately, the source file is already minified. I'm trying to load this specific code blob – Christopher Karam Jun 15 at 18:00
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    Okay. Now that I fully understand the problem I'm going to craft a solution for you. Since you can't async without paying squarespace, I'm going to craft a way to minimize loading time as much as possible. – Sébastien Renauld Jun 15 at 18:02
  • That would be great, I'm still doing some research to see if there are any other forms of solutions in the meantime. And thank you, looking forward to the results. – Christopher Karam Jun 15 at 18:05

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