I am trying to sort list of DateTime time elements in ascending order.I have realized normal operators like > or < don't cut it. What is the best way to compare two DateTime variables ?


Simply use the methods isAfter(), isBefore() or isAtSameMomentAs() from DateTime.

Other alternative, use compareTo(DateTime other), as in the docs:

Compares this DateTime object to [other], returning zero if the values are equal.

Returns a negative value if this DateTime [isBefore] [other]. It returns 0 if it [isAtSameMomentAs] [other], and returns a positive value otherwise (when this [isAfter] [other]).

Here a code example of sorting dates:

void main() {
  var list = [
    DateTime.now().add(Duration(days: 3)),
    DateTime.now().add(Duration(days: 2)),
    DateTime.now().subtract(Duration(days: 1))

  list.sort((a, b) => a.compareTo(b));

See it working here.


This is I how understood and implemented the code it will result in true / false in boolean mode.

DateTime valEnd = edate ;
DateTime date =DateTime.now();
bool valDate = date.isBefore(valEnd);

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