I'm trying to use pandas to find the standard deviation for the entries in some specific cells

I have tried using numPy's stdev like so:

I have also tried using this: df.std(axis=0)[columnName][j:i]

Just pseudocode becuase my actual code is more confusing than necessary for this question:

df = loadIris()
for feat in df.columns:
     i = 0
     j = 0
     flower = df['flower'][i]
        while i < df.index.max():
            if df['flower'][i] == flower:
                j = i    
                stand = df.std(axis=0)[feat][j:i]
                flower = df['flower'][i]
  • Show us a sample of the data, and the expected result for that sample. – John Zwinck Jun 16 at 0:50

I ended up just appending all of the values to a list and then calculating the standard deviation using statistics.stdev which you can get by importing statistics.

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