I'm looking to run a script from the command line using the following command:

./cake updateSearchText main

"UpdateSearchTextShell.php" is a script that's in the Command folder and seems to work fine in other circumstances (see below). However, when I run this, I get a "The datasource configuration 'default' was not found in database.php" error.

Because the project in question is open source, I keep secrets like the database password in a separate file and load them in php. My database.php looks like this:

    var $default = null;

    function __construct () {
        $secrets = Configure::read('secrets');
        $this->default = $secrets['database'];

If I replace that with a simple definition of $default as an array specified in the first line of the class, the script runs with no errors. Clearly I can't leave it there in the repo, though, and I'd really rather not have to manually type it in every time I push new changes to the site.

Any thoughts on how to get the database.php above to work with command line scripts, or how to approach the issue of secrets in a way that won't confuse cake?

Thank you for your time,


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    For starters, try running the script from the app folder, not from the Console folder. I remember that the CWD could cause problems when it's not pointing to the app folder. – ndm Jun 16 at 11:39
  • I think that may have done it -- thanks! If you want to add that as an answer, I'd be happy to mark it as the correct one. – Jason Cooper Jun 17 at 12:37

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