I am sending my email address through a form which is submitted by ajax to controller and the data for the ajax is created by this function:

// Function "serializeToJson" - Serialize form data, merge new object and returns json object
function serializeToJson(element, newObj){
    // Serialize form and split into Json Object
    var data = element.serialize().split("&");
    var object = {};
    for(var key in data){
        object[data[key].split("=")[0]] = data[key].split("=")[1];

    // Merge new json obj to existing json object
    const target = {};
    $.extend(target, newObj, object);

    // return the final json object
    return target;

and in my ajax

data : serializeToJson(SUform, {action:'process_signup'}),

The email which is being sent through the form is getting urlencoded i.e.


the %40 should be decoded to @ when i receive the data in my controller. In my controller i have set the following form validation rules for email:

$this->form_validation->set_rules('email', 'Email', 'trim|required|valid_email|is_unique[users.email]');

The error:

The Email field must contain a valid email address

What i want?

Is there any way by which i can urldecode the email in form validation ?


You can use:


It should work as the docs say you can use any php function as a "rule" and it will apply.

You'll still have to urldecode it again for when you put it in the database.

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    Thank you very much for instant solution.I have read the user guide but for me i was not looking at those lines – MR_AMDEV Jun 16 at 6:48

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