I'm trying to create an install package for a Python project with included unit tests. My project layout is as follows:


My setup.py looks like this:

from distutils.core import setup
import setuptools

      package_dir={'': 'src'},

The file tests/disttest/testcore.py contains the line from disttest.core import DistTestCore.

Running setup.py test now gives an ImportError: No module named core.

After a setup.py install, python -c "from disttest.core import DistTestCore" works fine. It also works if I put import core into src/disttest/__init__.py, but I don't really want to maintain that and it only seems necessary for the tests.

Why is that? And what is the correct way to fix it?

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    I'm wondering: is it maybe common practice to do a setup.py install before setup.py test? The setuptools documentation sounds like this isn't the case, my sources should be put on sys.path automatically. Maybe nose.collector is not made aware of my package_dir base directory? – Henrik Heimbuerger Apr 14 '11 at 12:02
  • How are You importing core in testcore.py? What exactly is in your sys.path/PYTHONPATH? – Almad Apr 16 '11 at 21:12

You may want to double-check this, but it looks like your tests are importing the disttest package in the tests/ directory, instead of the package-under-test from the src/ directory.

Why do you need to use a package with the same name as the package-under-test? I'd simply move the testcore module up to the tests directory, or rename the tests/disttest package and avoid the potential naming conflict altogether.

In any case, you want to insert a import pdb; pdb.set_trace() line just before the failing import and play around with different import statements to see what is being imported from where (import sys; sys.modules['modulename'].__file__ is your friend) so you get a better insight into what is going wrong.

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  • I think your assumption is absolutely correct. The way setup.py test launches my tests, it probably puts tests/disttest/ in front of src/disttest/ in sys.path and Python never 'merges' packages with the same name together. Just renaming tests/disttest/ to tests/disttest2 (only for testing purposes, obviously) fixes the issue. I'll have to check how other projects do this and what the best practices are here, as having all testing modules in the same directory is not an option for huge projects, of course. Thanks for the debugging tips! – Henrik Heimbuerger Apr 26 '11 at 8:48
  • I'm at a loss why src/disttest/__init__.py is executed before tests/disttest/__init__.py, though. (I confirmed that by adding print statements to them.) I would have expected it to be the other way around (or possibly src/disttest/__init__.py not being executed at all, because all imports just import tests/disttest/), but that was just out of curiousity and I can solve my problem now. – Henrik Heimbuerger Apr 26 '11 at 8:55

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