I'm using Symfony 4 with VichUploaderBundle 1.9 and I'm having hard time injecting the DownloadHandler service in my controller in order to send file to the client.

I'm also using HashidsBundle in order to convert my entity ID to something like jFaJ in my URLs.

As stated in the VichUploaderBundle documentation, I'm injecting the service in my controller like this :

    public function download(Wallpaper $wallpaper, DownloadHandler $downloadHandler)
        return $downloadHandler->downloadObject($wallpaper->getMedia(), 'uploadedFile');

Here is the error I'm having:

Argument 2 passed to App\Controller\WallpapersController::download() must be an instance of Vich\UploaderBundle\Handler\DownloadHandler, integer given, called in /mnt/c/Users/user/Documents/Dev/symfony/vendor/symfony/http-kernel/HttpKernel.php on line 151

I also tried to manually call the service by adding the following line in my controller: $this->get('vich_uploader.download_handler');

But it's still not working, I have this error now:

Service "vich_uploader.download_handler" not found: even though it exists in the app's container, the container inside "App\Controller\WallpapersController" is a smaller service locator that only knows about the "doctrine", "form.factory", "http_kernel", "parameter_bag", "request_stack", "router", "security.authorization_checker", "security.csrf.token_manager", "security.token_storage", "serializer", "session" and "twig" services. Try using dependency injection instead.


You can return the file using BinaryFileResponse.

    public function download(Wallpaper $wallpaper): BinaryFileResponse
        $file = new BinaryFileResponse($wallpaper->getMedia());
        return $file;

For more info, check https://github.com/aythanztdev/prbtcnccd/blob/master/src/Controller/MediaObject/ShowMediaObjectAction.php

  • Thank you but this is a just a workaround. The issue is that Symfony is not able to properly autowire the DownloadHandler service. Anyway, I noticed that the problem might come from the HashidsBundle (which I forgot to mention when writing my question) and I opened an issue on their GitHub repository. One of the mainteners is currently looking into it and I will post the fix there if there is any. github.com/roukmoute/HashidsBundle/issues/8 – r00t Jun 18 at 10:30
  • Turns out that this is a bug with another library I'm using (HashidsBundle). github.com/roukmoute/HashidsBundle/issues/8 – r00t Jul 26 at 6:36

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