I need to read property files into my spark job, using plain java i.e. java1.8v & snake yml jar.

This spark job is a kafka consumer. Instead of having a separate property files for consumer and producer, I want to use same file @Consumer and @Producer something like below.

        bootstrapServers: localhost:9092
        autoOffsetReset: latest
        enableAutoCommit: true
        infoTopic: inbound_info

        groupId: ProcessingGroup

        partitioner: hashPartitionerVal

common block would be read commonConfig and consumer block would be read into consumerConfig bean.

So how to read consumer block into ConsumerConfig class if it is as below

class ConsumerConfig{
   private String groupId;
   // getter setters
  • YML is not the same as YAML, and what you have there is a YAML file (YML is XML based and easily distinguisable) – Anthon Jun 17 at 7:49

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