how to redirect encoded special characters url to proper address? in my project encoded url routing to web page. i created route something like this

{ path: 'welcome/:id', component: WelcomeComponent },

actually i am passing url like http://localhost/welcome%3Fid%3D45 but this is not accepting and it is accepting only http://localhost/welcome?id=45


maybe use encodeURIComponent to send param, and decodeURIComponent to make it readable after receive

  • i updated my question. main issue is encoded url is not accepting... where should i need to user decodeURIComponent() this method and how? – nkota Jun 17 at 8:12
  • url is building manually or by Router? if manually ...?id=encodeURIComponent(value) if Router this.router.navigate([path], { queryParams: { id: encodeURIComponent(value) } }); – Damian Pioś Jun 17 at 8:17
  • actually i am getting this url from other site redirection to my site... and i can't change that url, and i have to decode here @Damian Pioś – nkota Jun 17 at 8:19
  • 1
    you can configure your router like {path: '**', component: 'WelcomeComponent'} then in component subscribe to ActivatedRoute#url, and here you should get 'welcome%3Fid%3D45' transform it , decode and reroute to specific path. path: '**' have to be at the end of config array – Damian Pioś Jun 17 at 8:27
  • thank you so much this worked me... path: '**' – nkota Jun 17 at 10:08

When defining a route like { path: 'welcome/:id', component: WelcomeComponent }, you would usually call it like this in your browser: /welcome/45

The url you mentioned (http://localhost/welcome?id=45) instead uses a query paramter (id), not sure if this would be mapped to the same at all. The ? of this URL must not be encoded, as it is some reserved character in URLs to indicate URL parameters.

If the system that generates those URLs actually gives you such faulty URLs (read from another comment here that those URLs are not generated by you), you have to manually decode the URL first.

{path: '**', component: 'NotFoundComponent'}

export class NotFoundComponent{
constructor(private router:Router,
          private route: ActivatedRoute,
          ) { 
            let url = this.router.url;
            url = url.replace(/%40/gi, '@')
            .replace(/%3A/gi, ':')
            .replace(/%24/gi, '$')
            .replace(/%2C/gi, ',')
            .replace(/%3B/gi, ';')
            .replace(/%2B/gi, '+')
            .replace(/%3D/gi, '=')
            .replace(/%3F/gi, '?')
            .replace(/%2F/gi, '/');
            if(url !== this.router.url){

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