I have the problem, that I get some suggestions for autocompletion (for example, I type "Cons" and I get the suggestion for "Console"), but these can't be applied with the Return-key.

Normally, the suggestion is fully blue, and gets attached, when I press 'enter', but for some time now, the suggestion has a blue border and pressing 'enter' results in a new line. Where can I change these settings, so IntelliSense completes the words again, while I write them? I already tried the IntelliSense-Settings in the C#-options, but these settings didn't change anything

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    Doesn't the "TAB" button provide the functionality you need?
    – Luc
    Commented Jun 17, 2019 at 9:30
  • Sure, but before, I didn't need the Tab-Button. I'm used to the auto-autocomplete Commented Jun 17, 2019 at 9:32

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There are 2 different autocomplete modus in Visual Studio, suggestion mode has the behavior you describe. Suggestion and standard, explained here. Press CTRL-ATL-SPACE to toggle between these modes.


You likely inadvertently used the keyboard shortcut to toggle completion mode. You can correct it with the same shortcut or in the menu it's Edit -> InteliSense -> Toggle Completion Mode

To change InteliSense from Suggestion mode to Completion mode in VS 2019


In my experience, "Toggle Completion Mode" name changed into

Edit -> InteliSense -> "Switch between automatic and tab-only Intellisense completion"


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