On Exchange 2016 Hybrid mode, we use WAP (passthrough mode) for client accès:

Within GRAPH EXPLORER , the request : https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/me/messages gave me

{ 'error': { 'code': 'ResourceNotFound', 'message': 'Resource could not be discovered.', 'innerError': { 'request-id': '9a1abaad-b694-4a0c-92a2-cd2063a57a56', 'date': '2019-05-28T08:05:19' } } }

the URL : https://mydomain.fr/api/v2.0/me/messages gave me a correct answer.

I don't know where to looking for and why API don't reached my on premises exchange. We don't have any log on WAP (passthrough mode).

thank you

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