I have this query:

public static function totalByAgent(int $agentId)
    return PropertyListing::select(
        DB::raw('SUM(property_listing.rental) as rental'),
        DB::raw('SUM(property_listing.sale) as sale'),
        'property_category.name as category_name',
        'property_category.id as category_id'
    )->where('agent_id', $agentId)->groupBy('property_category.id')->get();

With this query I obtain the sum of properties for sale and sum of properties to rent group by property categories. But If some property have only properties for sale and 0 to rent I obtain 0 in sum of rents.

I tried adding:

->having('sale', '>', 0)->get()

after groupBy. this hides the rents if they had.

Any idea?

Best regards

  • Did you test the sql query directly in your database? without Eloquent. Then try to pass it to Eloquent.
    – pmiranda
    Jun 17, 2019 at 20:20

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Finally this query works for me:

      return Property::published()->select(DB::raw('SUM(property.rental) as rental'),
                                    DB::raw('SUM(property.sale) as sale'),
                                    'property_category.name as category_name',
                                    'property_category.id as category_id')
          ->join('property_category', 'property_category.id', 'property.category_id')
          ->whereExists(function ($query) use ($agentId){
                            ->whereRaw('property.id = property_listing.property_id')
                            ->where('property_listing.agent_id', $agentId);

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