I'm reading a game development codebase and found this piece of code which I don't fully understand.

I know it's creating an array of rect_t objects and initializing it. What I don't understand is how is the initialization happening. Why the second pair of curly braces? Is it some kind of local scope? If it is some kind of local scope, why create a scope in an array initialization in the first place? What do the dots that refer to the struct variables mean/do?

const struct rect_t platforms_rects[] = {
      .x = 0.0f,
      .y = GROUND_LEVEL + 50.0f,
      .w = SCREEN_WIDTH,
      .h = 50.0f

A rect_t is simply:

struct rect_t {
  float x, y, w, h;

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    You need one set of curly braces to initialize the members of the array. The array holds a bunch of structs, so in order to initialize the members of the struct, you need a second set of curly braces. In this case, you have an array containing a singular struct rect_t. If you wanted to add more than one struct instance to your array, you'd have more sets of inner curly braces separated by commas. – Christian Gibbons Jun 17 at 20:25
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    Let's create a struct and an array. The code is struct rect_t rect ={ .x = 0.0f, .y = GROUND_LEVEL + 50.0f, .w = SCREEN_WIDTH, .h = 50.0f }; const struct rect_t platforms_rects[] = { rect }; . So, how do you put them together? – Esc Điệp Jun 18 at 1:11
  • Makes sense now. Thank you. – JaviML Jun 18 at 8:09

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