I have a dictionary that is a list of dataframes that have all the same columns and data structure. I am wanting to essentially 'union' all of these into a single dataframe again, where the dictionary keys are converted into another column: df_list{}

{'A' : col1 col2 col3 \
001    val1  val2  val3
002    val3  val4  val5

'B' : col1 col2 col3 \
001    val1  val2  val3
002    val3  val4  val5

...and so on

but am wanting:

key  Col1  Col2  Col3
A    val1  val2  val3
A    val4  val5  val6
B    val1  val2  val3
B    val4  val5  val6

I tried using pd.DataFrame.from_dict() but either I am not using it right or I need something else..

final_df = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(df_list)

but get: ValueError: If using all scalar values, you must pass an index

when I try passing the index, I get one column back vs a dataframe.

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    What about pd.concat(df_dict, axis=0).reset_index()?
    – cs95
    Jun 17, 2019 at 20:41
  • wow that did it! Jun 17, 2019 at 20:47

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This should do it:

import pandas as pd

df1 = pd.DataFrame({

df2 = pd.DataFrame({

pd_dct = {"A": df1, "B": df2}

# adding the key in 
for key in pd_dct.keys():
    pd_dct[key]['key'] = key 

# concatenating the DataFrames
df = pd.concat(pd_dct.values())

Alternatively, we can also do this in one line with:

pd.concat(pd_dct, axis=0).reset_index(level=0).rename({'level_0':'key'}, axis=1)

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