I have some data in an object that I'm iterating through, and I'm pulling a property (string) from this object to render to the screen.

The object looks like this:

 `object: { id: 1, sample: 'To learn all about React, click here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/React_(JavaScript_library)' }`

I did lots of research and a lot of the answers pointed to using the Linkify plugin. I set up the Linkify plugin like so:


This works good but I'm wondering if I'm able to modify the string so that I'm not displaying the actual address and instead, could I assign the address to the word 'here'. For example:

'To learn all about React, click `here`'. 

Is this possible with the Linkify plugin or do I have to do something different?

  • how are u implementing this? can we see some code? – andresmijares Jun 17 at 21:10

You can try parsing the string to fetch the url from it. and then use the url as the value to the href attribute in a tag./ To fetch the url you could use regex.


I tried using the regex to parse your string and it totally works. I have taken this regex from here https://stackoverflow.com/a/39944457/10100750. You could see the link to know about this regex further.


You can implement this with react as well. Create a link component, that accepts 2 props. {url} and {link}.


import React from 'react'

export default ({ text, link }) =>{
      <a href={link}> {text} </a>

Then import into your index your index.js

import Hyperlink from './hyperLink'

   To learn more about react click <Hyperlink link={#} text="here">
  • Please note that the name of your props in your text is different from their names in the code itself. Also, I'm not sure your code works, since you're passing text, link as parameters and then you're accessing them via props, which doesn't exist :) – Luca Bezerra Jun 17 at 22:23
  • Thanks @LucaBezerra edited. – Peter Abolude Jun 17 at 22:27

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