I'm creating a SQL query to get some records from my database and the total of some of these grouping by the ID, but i have a problem

SELECT codempresa,nombreevaluado,horaprogramada,count(*) AS count 
FROM recepcion_agenda 
WHERE asistencia = false 
GROUP BY codempresa 
ORDER BY codempresa, nombreevaluado, horaprogramada;

i expect the following result

codempresa | nombreevaluado| horaprogramada| count
1          |  luis         |   12:12       |  2
1          |  jack         |   21:21       |  2
2          |  mick         |   09:02       |  1

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To fix the error, you can include the columns in the GROUP BY:

SELECT codempresa, nombreevaluado, horaprogramada,
       count(*) AS count 
FROM recepcion_agenda 
WHERE NOT asistencia
GROUP BY codempresa, nombreevaluado, horaprogramada
ORDER BY codempresa, nombreevaluado, horaprogramada;

The columns in the GROUP BY determine the rows in the result set -- one row per unique combination of values. Your sample results show "1" for codempresa on two rows, so you seem to want a combination of the three columns to define each row.


nombreevaluado and horaprogramada must be included in the group by list so long as they exist in the select list.

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