In my android application, Im using MuPDF 1.2 version which is having 32 bit binaries only.Now the Google Play store is forcing to update the old app to 64 bit compatible.

Is it possible to compile the old mupdf 1.2 to create a 64 bit .so file ?

Any thought is appreciated.

  • Given that the source code is available at least make an attempt. – Morrison Chang Jun 18 at 2:17
  • the problem is that latest version is not compatible with older versions. it seems like they rewrote it and now latest version api missing all older api calls altogether – Adviser2010 Jul 23 at 7:28
  • @Adviser2010 you are correct, we need to rewrite. – KP_ Jul 24 at 4:28

We have the same problem. We tried to compile directly from source code of version 1.2 but the original NDK compiler 5 does not support 64bit compilation, while newer (or the latest) NDKs give a specific error in compilation. Did you succeeded somehow?

  • You can able to create 64 bit version using the latest Mupuf version in android.I did that recently. – KP_ Jul 5 at 6:54

we were able to compile 1.4 version of mupdf but got the following problem: native drawpage() function call crashes if there is no delay before call. After adding a small delay it works when app is running in debug mode. As soon as we release it - it crashes too on drawpage() call and delay doesn't help.

So, if someone can shed some light to this mysterious problem, I'd appreciate it

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