It has come to me that my application does not really handle leaving and returning to a tab that well, especially when it comes to angularfire2 subscriptions.

In short app is for tracking some company equipment with us getting almost live feed from GPS tracker in the equipment (1-2 seconds from gps recording to firestore write time). So I have a list of 20-30 trackers and each has observable subscription to get live-ish updates. Separate subscriptions on each observable seemed to work better than single observable on a whole list.

So the issue I am facing is when I leave the tab and come back to it later (2+ minutes), all the data since I left the tab starts to flow, update, and creates this huge lag spike.

So my questions, should I be unsubscribing when leaving the tab and subscribing once tab is open (in view) again? Or is there an option or already made solution just for this? Ideally in these cases I wouldn't care about interim data and just would rather get the latest data when tab is re-opened.

  • When you come back to tha tab, how do you want to show the data? What's the requirement? – emkay Jun 18 at 5:48

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