I have a string, and I want to cut some characters and store it to a new file.

I tried this code, but it still error.

 $a = ";Code=NB"
 $b = $a -split "="
 $Save = "[AGM]", "CR=JP", "LOC= $b[1]"| Out-File "C:\Users\Out.txt"
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    What is the error that you are getting? – Vivek Kumar Singh Jun 18 at 10:12
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    One thing to note is that "LOC= $b[1]" won't work the way you hope. You'll need a subexpression to get the value you want: "LOC= $($b[1])" – boxdog Jun 18 at 10:14

Something that would be easier to maintain would be this:

#Words to remove from string
$wordsToCut = "This","is"
#Phrase to remove words from
$phrase = "This is a test"
#Running through all words in words to remove
foreach ($word in $wordsToCut){
    #Replace current word with nothing
    $phrase = $phrase.Replace($word,"")
#Output end result
Write-Host $phrase

You would also use trim to remove any leading or trailing spaces. The above code outputs:

a test


Try something like this:

$a = ";Code=NB"
$null, $b, $null = $a -split '=', 3
$Save = "[AGM]", "CR=JP", "LOC= $b"| Out-File "C:\Users\Out.txt"

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