I can't get all the values from BigTable by row key,

My table looks like this, and I can only get 3 of them, same column family with the same qualifier will get only one, such as hashes:md5 will only get only "emialmd5test"

  hashes:md5                               @ 2019/06/17-16:57:10.173000
  hashes:md5                               @ 2019/06/17-10:58:39.711000
  hashes:sha1                              @ 2019/06/17-16:57:10.173000
  hashes:sha1                              @ 2019/06/17-10:58:39.711000
  hashes:sha256                            @ 2019/06/17-16:57:10.172000
  hashes:sha256                            @ 2019/06/17-10:58:39.711000

Here is my code

Connection connection = BigtableConfiguration.connect(WholeSaleHelper.WHOOLE_SALE_CONFIG.toHBaseConfig());
    Scan scan = new Scan()

    Table table = connection.getTable(TableName.valueOf(WholeSaleHelper.WHOOLE_SALE_CONFIG.getTableId()));
    byte[] md5Bytes = null, sha1Bytes = null, sha256Bytes = null;

    for (Result result : table.getScanner(scan)) {

      md5Bytes = result.getValue(WholeSaleHelper.WHOLE_SALE_COLUMN_FAMILY.getBytes(), WholeSaleHelper.WHOLE_SALE_MD5.getBytes());
      sha1Bytes = result.getValue(WholeSaleHelper.WHOLE_SALE_COLUMN_FAMILY.getBytes(), WholeSaleHelper.WHOLE_SALE_SHA1.getBytes());
      sha256Bytes = result.getValue(WholeSaleHelper.WHOLE_SALE_COLUMN_FAMILY.getBytes(), WholeSaleHelper.WHOLE_SALE_SHA256.getBytes());

or can I use some other way to get the values? just search by the roe key to get all values. Don't care about the column family and qualifier


You can add this to your scan to get all versions: scan.setMaxVersions();

  • cool, it works, thank you very much. – Allen Jun 18 at 15:06

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