Im using Expo Video component to play a streaming video (from a security cam), At this moment everything is good on Android, but when im load the application on IOS an try to load the video I get the following error "AVFoundationErrorDomain".

"AVFoundationErrorDomain" is related with AVPlayer fails to play video sometimes.

I already change the video component headers, more specific the Range because I found that in IOS the Range 1-0 can create some conflicts with the playing of the video. but nothing happens

<Video source={{uri:VIDEOS[0], headers : {'Range' : 'bytes=0-1023',    'Accept-Encoding' : 'identity','Accept-Ranges':'bytes'}}}/>

im getting the same error ""The server is not correctly configured. - The AVPlayerItem instance has failed with the error code -11850 and domain \"AVFoundationErrorDomain\", its like the Video component ignore the new headers that im trying to set.

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