I have been banging my head over this issue for quite some time. I have a spring data rest back end so its returning a hateoas object. I am trying to fetch the results from the backend into a Resource object. Posting data works it also returns the posted object. However, when getting a list of objects it always returns an empty object.




@FeignClient(name="products", url = "http://localhost:8084")
public interface ProductClient {

    Resources<Product> getProducts();

    @RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.POST, value = "/products")
    Resource<Product> addProduct(Product product);


public class ProductController {

    private ProductClient productClient;

    public ProductController(ProductClient productClient) {
        this.productClient = productClient;

    public Resources<Product> getProduct(){
        Resources<Product> productResources = productClient.getProducts();
        return productResources;

    public Resource<Product> addProduct(@RequestBody Product product){
        Resource<Product> product2 = productClient.addProduct(product);
        return product2;

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