I have to write some code to search for the minimum monthly payment for a credit card. I am using bisection search to find this minimum monthly payment. However, I am confused as to how to exit the while loop, since it seems to create an infinite loop, and never accesses the break statement I have, meaning that, balance is never equal to zero. How do I exit the while loop?

I realize setting balance to initBalance resets the balance, and therefore creates an infinite loop since balance is always greater than zero. However, that is why I have a break statement, when balance = 0, that means the balance has been paid in full, and we can exit the loop. However, I don't think the compiler is ever accessing the break statement.

def minPayment(balance, annualInterestRate):
     balance: the outstanding balance on the credit card
     annualInterestRate: annual interest rate as a decimal

     returns: lowest monthly payment that will pay off all debt in under
     one year
     monthlyInterestRate = annualInterestRate / 12.0
     low = balance/12.0
     high = (balance * (1 + monthlyInterestRate)**12)/12.0
     payment = (low + high)/2.0
     initBalance = balance

     while(balance > 0):
         for i in range(12):
             balance = balance - payment + ((balance - payment) * monthlyInterestRate)
         if(balance < 0):
             high = payment
         elif(balance > 0):
             low = payment
         payment = (low + high)/2.0
         balance = initBalance

That is the code I have so far.

  • Please make a minimal reproducible example. This is difficult to answer without seeing how you're calling minPayment. As well, there's a lot of looping and numbers to keep track of, which could use simplification. – wjandrea Jun 18 at 18:31

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