I am trying to fetch data from firebase and set the retrieved data to my state using the useState hook. I know my API call is working because I can log the data from firebase, yet its not ending up in my state when I use setState(), for some reason I end up with just an empty array in state. What am I missing?

const Collection = () => {
  const [ dreams, setDreams ] = useState([])

  useEffect(() => {
    const retrieveCollection = (userId) => {
        .where('user', '==', userId)
        .onSnapshot(snapshot => {
          let newDreams = snapshot.docChanges()
          newDreams.forEach(doc => {
            setDreams([...dreams, doc.doc.data()])
  }, [])

  • what do you see in console.log(dreams)? – Vencovsky Jun 18 at 18:40
  • i was seeing an empty array, @Boy With Silver Wings solution below solved it. – Sean Tansey Jun 18 at 19:00

useState much like it's counterpart setState returns an asynchronous function to set the state. So logging dreams just below the setDreams call isn't going to give you any results. Instead you can log inside outside the useEffect to see the state.

But setDreams being async has another disadvantage in your case, the loop doesn't set dreams quick enough for you to be able to spread it, you might be loosing updates in between, you can fix this using the functional setDreams.

setDreams(prevDreams => [...prevDreams, doc.doc.data()])

Or better still, you can save up all your data and setState at the very end.

const newDreamsState = newDreams.map(
  return doc.doc.data();

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