I just installed CKEditor 3.0. Everything works fine, except the style of the editor. Because in this newest version the WYSIWYG buttons are put on the website (instead in a frame), my stylesheet overwrites the CKEditor buttons. My stylesheet contains te following:

.block table tr td,
.block table tr th {
    border-bottom: 1px solid #ddd;
    padding: 10px;
    line-height: normal;
    text-align: left;

But since CKEditor uses tables, they get pretty messed up. What to do?

(This question is similar to this one, but I don't think the answer given on that page is the correct answer. After all, it should be possible to solve this problem without hacking in CKEditor)

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Silly me. Came up with an easy solution, just changing my stylesheet to:

.block > table

So that the rule only applies to the first table. Again, this is still not the correct way of doing this. So other answers are still welcome!


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