I am trying to construct curl API query to get Json data from Prometheus. The working in Prometheus UI query looks like:


So I am trying with:

curl '{(pod_name="somepod-.*")})[1d]' | jq

But depending on brackets it always complaining about something like expected or unexpected character.

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You want:

curl -g '{pod_name=~"somepod-.*"}[1d])' | jq

This disables curl's globbing, which gets in the way here.


I use this query below to get a fairly complex query from prometheus and use jq to extract the interesting info then format it as csv

curl -fs --data-urlencode 'query=sort_desc( sum(container_memory_working_set_bytes) by (container_name, namespace) /sum(label_join(kube_pod_container_resource_requests_memory_bytes, "container_name", "", "container")) by (container_name, namespace) > 1)' https://prometheus/api/v1/query | jq -r '.data.result[] | [.metric.container_name, .metric.namespace, .value[1] ] | @csv'

You can view more info at https://learndevops.substack.com/p/hitting-prometheus-api-with-curl

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