How to Fix fortify Dynamic Code Evaluation: Script Injection error?

onCommentSuccess: function (showAllComments) {
  $('#commentListDiv').load(location.href + ' #commentListDiv', function() {
    ACC.quote.displayComments('' + showAllComments);

Getting Error as

Read location.href() & ~JS_Generic.load()

  • Is that a warning or an error? There's nothing inherently wrong about what you're doing - aside from concatenating an empty string to a string. That can be removed. – Rory McCrossan Jun 19 at 11:19
  • @Rory McCrossan: That is an error when we run Fortify Tool. Also what can be removed could you please explain in brief? – DritiP Jun 20 at 7:12
  • I mean that you don't need to concatenate the empty string to the variable to coerce its data type, just do ACC.quote.displayComments(showAllComments); – Rory McCrossan Jun 20 at 7:40

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