I have this nested sitemap. Scrapy docs say it is supposed to work with nested sitemaps without any problem. My target links are like this one https://flatinfo.ru/arenda_kvartir.asp?id=867039 So in my understanding my sitemap_rules , conaining the keyword from the link ('/arenda_kvartir/') should make the spider behave in the following logic: all links, found in the sitemap.xml and containing keyword from sitemap_rules should be scraped into parsed function. But this never happens according to the logs. The spider just goes through all major categories in the sitemap and quits. Where am I wrong? Below is my code.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import scrapy
from scrapy.spiders import SitemapSpider

class CodeSpider(SitemapSpider):
    name = 'code_s'
    sitemap_urls = ['https://flatinfo.ru/sitemap.xml']
    sitemap_rules = [
        ('/arenda_kvartir/', 'parsed'),
        ('/sitemap_prodaja_kvartir/', 'parsed'),

    def parsed(self, response):
        yield {


You need to match two type of URLs in your sitemap_rules: https://flatinfo.ru/arenda.asp?house=43182 and https://flatinfo.ru/prodaja_kvartir.asp?id=17488515. The correct sitemap_rules will be:

sitemap_rules = [
    ('arenda.asp', 'parsed'),
    ('prodaja_kvartir.asp', 'parsed'),
sitemap_follow = ['sitemap_prodaja_kvartir', 'sitemap_arenda']

(I added sitemap_follow to skip other sitemap entries).

One more thing: you need to wait (almost 20 minutes till the first processed URL for me!) because each XML file takes a lot of time to process.

  • could you elaborate on your solution please. How is prodaja_kvartir different from prodaja_kvartir.asp? both keywords are present in the url. The entire workaround time is less then 10 minutes with thread count = 1, wait 3 sec, and no errors. – Billy Jhon Jun 19 at 16:35
  • You don't have prodaja_kvartir in your code (it works) but /prodaja_kvartir/ (searching for a string /prodaja_kvartir/ in each URL) that's why your code doesn't work. – gangabass Jun 19 at 22:53

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