I wrote custom FilterSet to filter queryset by two fields but it doesn't work properly when it's filtering on two fields at the same time.

my FilterSet:

class EventFilter(filters.FilterSet):
    values = None
    default = None

    category = filters.ModelMultipleChoiceFilter(
    interval = filters.CharFilter(

    class Meta:
        model = Event
        fields = ('category', 'interval')

    def filter_interval(self, queryset, name, value):
        if self.request.query_params.get('current_time'):
                interval = getattr(self, f'get_{value}_interval')()
                interval = list(map(lambda date: self.to_utc(date), interval))
                return self.queryset.filter(Q(status=Event.STARTED) | (Q(status=Event.NOT_STARTED, start_at__range=interval)))
            except Exception as e:
        return queryset


class ListEventsAPIView(generics.ListAPIView):
    serializer_class = ListEventsSerializer
    filter_class = EventFilter
    search_fields = 'title',
    filter_backends = filters.SearchFilter, DjangoFilterBackend

    def get_queryset(self):
        return Event.objects.filter(Q(status=Event.STARTED) | (Q(status=Event.NOT_STARTED) & Q(start_at__gte=date)))

Here is generated SQL when I'm trying to filter only by category:

SELECT "*" FROM "events" WHERE (("events"."status" = 'started'
OR ("events"."status" = 'not_started' 
AND "events"."start_at" >= '2019-06-19T13:24:26.444183+00:00'::timestamptz)) 
AND "events"."category_id" = 'JNPIZF54n5q') 

When I'm filtering on both:

SELECT "*" FROM "events" WHERE (("events"."status" = 'started' 
OR ("events"."status" = 'not_started' AND "events"."start_at" >= '2019-06-19T13:24:26.444183+00:00'::timestamptz)) 
AND ("events"."status" = 'started' OR ("events"."start_at" BETWEEN '2019-06-19T07:16:48.549000+00:00'::timestamptz AND '2019-06-30T20:59:59.000059+00:00'::timestamptz AND "events"."status" = 'not_started')))

Your issue is in this line:

               return self.queryset.filter(Q(status=Event.STARTED) | (Q(status=Event.NOT_STARTED, start_at__range=interval)))

You're using queryset from FilterSet class itself. This queryset doesn't have any previous filters applied, so by using it you're cancelling another filter. Just remove self. from this line to use queryset that is passed to this function as a parameter and everything will work fine.

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