I am trying to implement testing on a React website using TestCafe. I want to print the various props/attributes using getReact(). However, when printing to the console, I always get ReExecutablePromise { _then: [], _fn: [Function], _taskPromise: null } instead.

Here is my code:

var sideBar = ReactSelector('Sidebar').getReact();

I've also tried to get an actual property:

sideBarprops = checkListPage.sideBar.getReact(({ props }) => props.isChecklistVisible);

Either item always prints ReExecutablePromise { _then: [], _fn: [Function], _taskPromise: null }

I need to be able to print the actual values of properties, classNames, state, Keys, etc of a ReactSelector.


getReact() return a Promise, which you need to resolve. You can either do this

ReactSelector('Sidebar').getReact().then(props => {

or this

var sideBar = ReactSelector('Sidebar').getReact();
console.log(await sideBar);

or this

var sideBar = await ReactSelector('Sidebar').getReact();

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