I am writing a Windows service for doing Parental Control (Visual C++).

I am having trouble with the following:

  • how to count the time a Windows user has been logged on today (time measured in hours)
  • how to trigger log-off from the user Windows account, when time per day exceeds a specified value, say 5 hours.

Any help is appreciated.


To do that I think there may me several ways.
I think the simplest one is to use a timer that could be launched when the service start (or when your application start if placed in the startup menu).
For that you can use the SetTimer method associated to a WM_TIMER message :

You should get the time before the launching of the timer using a CTime function for example :

CTime t;
t.GetCurrentTime ();
timeAtLaunched=t.GetSecond(); //or GetHour()

After that you can put a similar CTime call inside your timer function to have a currentTime value and calculate a difference between the currentTime value and the timeAtLaunched value

To keep the connected time during a day if an user connect and disconnect several times, you should keep the difference value inside a file or inside the registry.

To force logoff, you can use :


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