I am working on the data clean up in excel file that contains 8 columns and thousands of row. I have some issue in some of the columns namely, Handicap, Score and HT. I will explain details on each of issue that I am facing. The type of data ( row value) in some of the column "Handicap" is mixed. For example, data format in Hapdicap columns is as follow:

  1. decimal such as 0.25,0.5, -1.25 etc.
  2. integer such as 1,2,-2 etc.
  3. string such as 0/0.5, 1/1.5,-1/-1.5 etc.
  4. formula but it is shown as value such as 0/0.5 as 0, -1/-1.5 as 0.666667 etc.

It means when I pressed F2 in the excel cell, I can see the formula =0/0.5 and = -1/-1.5. When I load it to pandas it shows 0 and 0.666667.

What I wanted to do is to load as string such as 0/0.5 and -1/-1.5.

My second issue is in the columns Score and HT. Excel will recognize as date. It is supposed to display 1-1 but it is displayed as 01-Jan in the cell. I wanted to convert those cells to load as the format 1-1

It is difficult for me to create a sample data frame. Therefore, I extracted some of my sample data. You can download it by clicking the link.

I have also attached and highlighted the part that I wanted to change as follow:

enter image description here

I would greatly appreciate your kind advice on that.

Thanks in advance.



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