I had a flask server running some service, but the session is not working

def login_authenticate():

    //do some thing
    session['user'] = 'foo'

def get_session():
    if 'user' in session:
        print("you have logged in")
        return session['user']
        print("not logged in")
        return 'not logged in!'

after I call the login_auth, a session should be set up, and when I try to call the get_session, it tells me not logged in


You did not define a secret_key for your application. In this case, you will lost your session content after every page refresh. To solve this issue, you need to define a secret_key for your application in the main file:

app = Flask('application')
app.secret_key = "some secret key"
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    I have defined a secret_key in my init.py, but that doesn't work. So I think, maybe my app doesn't get correctly configured due to the file structure or something. – user11672711 Jun 20 at 13:16
  • Does using this: if session.get('user'): make a difference ? – ASSILI Taher Jun 20 at 16:33

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